Search Engine Optimization Calgary


Search Engine Optimization Calgary

Any number of Calgary SEO companies could tell you that SEO isn’t dead, just changing as it has had to change along with a number of search engine changes in the past.

Prior changes to search engines included penalties for keyword stuffing, meta tags unrelated to the content, duplicate content and link trading. Search engines like Google are now trying to eliminate SEO, so that people cannot simply increase rankings by adding key words and related search terms to their content. Google’s shift to context based search and providing search results on the basis of the odds that the result answer’s the user’s likely question instead of matching the search term entered into the box is another.

How then can you integrate content with SEO?

There was a sign in a manger’s office that said you can have it fast, cheap and right – pick any two. Web content optimized for Google can fit into two of these three categories. In the case of content:

• Your site can have helpful content to solve problems.
• Your site can have content that is valued by people with common goals or interests.
• Your site can have real time information.

Your website can meet any two of these categories, or it can meet just one. For Calgary mortgage brokers you can  have content to solve problems, but it is very difficult to keep this up to date real time. Sites that rely on constant data feeds have problems providing solutions as fast as problems arise. Sites that cater to people with common goals and interests can have real time information they are interested in or content related to their interests and tells them how to meet their goals. But it is hard to generate content that tells them about the latest news in their niche while providing evergreen advice to solve their problems.


Your content can have helpful content to solve common problems like how to deal with kids who won’t go to bed or colicky infants, which is perfect for a website for a childcare provider, a pediatrician or children’s clothing store.

Content on how to budget for big expenses, your rights when facing debt collections or save for retirement is a natural fit for a bank’s website, a financial adviser’s site or bankruptcy firm. Calgary SEO companies can help you integrate that classic content with your particular business.

Articles on how to save on your utility bills by changing out air filters, installing a programmable thermostat, putting in insulated blinds and cleaning the coils on the air conditioner is a funnel for traffic to an HVAC company or power company’s site.

Classic advice on saving gasoline or extending the life of a vehicle will draw readers to the website of a car mechanic or car dealership.

You could have real time information on the stock market and market trends. This content is suitable for investment brokers, financial advisers and business leaders who can apply such news to their own firms. Calgary SEO companies can integrate this news with the services your company provides without hurting your site in search engine rankings.

Real time information on bills before the state legislature or Congress becomes a lead into the expertise of the law firm and their experience handling case law related to the proposed legislature.

Real time industry news plus expert opinions on what it means in the future can draw readers to a business’ website. Changes in the technology used for the oil and gas industry, new laws on utility companies and developing trends in the energy sector can draw readers to an oil drilling firm’s website, a renewable energy firm or electric generator manufacturer.

Sites for people with common interest are not exempt from use by commercial organizations. Think about the websites that share the heartbreak of miscarriage and travails of fertility treatment; an OBGYN who can set up one of these will have a natural tie in to her business. Sites that cater to a niche in the music industry may be sponsored by a label that puts out such music.

Calgary SEO companies can provide advice on the types of content that are most suitable to your website and even sources of content if you can’t generate it in house. Getting good content that your customers want to read, properly tailored to search engine criteria, will bring in visitors who will pay for your services and return to read the next article.